German’s Chocolate Cake

German’s Chocolate Cake:

My husbands favorite cake is german chocolate. We had it for our wedding cake. I made it for him the first two years we were married on his birthday. And this year, I wanted to knock it out of the park.

While I have always loved the filling/frosting of this classic cake, he loves the actual cake. I had always just assumed that the cake was a regular old chocolate cake, but he swore there was a difference with german chocolate. But most recipes I looked up had a classic chocolate cake and then a variation on the coconut pecan filling. So I dug a little deeper. What made german chocolate cake different?

Thanks to a few articles on wikipedia I discovered that the name german chocolate had nothing to do with Germany. Rather, in the mid 1800’s a man named Samuel German developed a new chocolate for The Baker’s Chocolate Company. In his honor, they named the chocolate Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate. In the mid 1900’s a recipe for German’s Chocolate Cake was created by a woman from Dallas, Texas using Baker’s German’s Sweet Chocolate (phew that’s a mouthful!). Since then, the possessive “s” was dropped and it became known as German Chocolate Cake.

The cake is made from the melted chocolate and is a much lighter cake than your every day chocolate cake. The pecan, coconut filling is also traditional. Now you know all I know about German’s Chocolate Cake! Interesting, huh?

This year, instead of making the regular frosting, I decided to follow a recipe from Cake By Courtney. She makes a separate caramelized coconut filling and then blends the toasted pecans with sugar and oil and tops it off with a yummy chocolate frosting. I wanted to stick to the traditional cake, so I used Betty Crocker’s recipe and it was a smashing success.


Happy Birthday Babe!



2 thoughts on “German’s Chocolate Cake

  1. But what did German put in his chocolate that made it different than other chocolate? I’m not sure I understand the difference quite yet…

    1. I don’t know. It’s his secret… But instead of using regular cocoa powder, you use his specific chocolate, melted and mixed in.

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