Mr. and Mrs. Fornelius

This is one of my favorite cakes I’ve made so far. It was also one of the most stressful cakes I’ve made since I didn’t give myself enough time to finish it or transport it well. But in the end it turned out beautifully. I made all the layers chocolate with whipped oreo filling. Both recipes were from Cake By Courtney and tasted amazing.

When I first started making wedding cakes (thanks to my sister Elise who asked me to make hers) all I cared about was how it looked. No one ever even ate the cake so I would use my favorite cake mixes and frost it with crisco buttercream so it was pure white, adding in buttercream flavoring to give it some semblance of buttercream taste. It never tasted great, but they looked good. In the last couple years, however, I decided that if I’m going to make a cake, I want it to look and taste incredible. Because why eat cake that’s mediocre? Just a waste of a dessert in my opinion. Thankfully this one did taste good. So good, in fact, that the bride and groom ate the entire top layer on their honeymoon instead of following tradition of freezing and eating on your 1st anniversary.

Lessons learned from this go round:

  1. Make sure you tape down the cake board inside the cake carrier so the cake doesn’t slide into the side while transporting it!
  2. Remember your cake stand! I didn’t have a cake stand I liked with this cake and because I was traveling I didn’t have the time I planned on to go look for one. So we ended up using a cake stand from the caterers. Which was extremely wobbly and scared me half to death.
  3. Level your cakes! I decided to not level my bottom cakes since they were about the thickness I wanted them and the bottom layer turned out a little uneven, which in turn made the rest of the cake look like it was the leaning tower of Pisa. Can you tell from the picture?

Overall it was an fun experience and a beautiful cake to make.

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