Navy & Ice

When my older sister got married, I had a really hard time with it. I had just called off an engagement that summer so marriage was still a sensitive topic for me. On top of that, I was really upset about losing my best friend to a guy I still wasn’t quite sure about (don’t worry, he’s totally passed the brother in law test now). But I was trying to be really supportive and happy so I was excited she asked me to make her cake. In my cake decorating, I was still trying to figure out how to decorate with just buttercream instead of covering it with fondant (fondant was kind of out, much to my approval).

Thankfully she wanted a 3 tier, simple white buttercream. Not too difficult, right? Well, the morning of the wedding was crazy hectic (think 8 girls trying to look perfect for pictures, mom trying to finish last minute details for the luncheon, etc.). I had the cake all ready to go, sitting on our kitchen table, waiting to be transported to the reception. Well, I also had 3 little nephews unknowingly running around unsupervised. Just before we ran out the door, the last second we could leave and still get there on time, I saw it. A perfect (cute on something besides a wedding cake) 3 year old hand print all down the side of the cake. That frosting just looked to good to resist I guess. I was horrified, but unless I wanted to miss my sisters wedding I HAD to leave. So leave we did and I worried the whole time about that poor, ruined cake.

Thankfully we had an incredible cousin helping decorate for the reception. She magically transported the cake, touched it up, and strategically placed the decor to cover the finger gouges. When we got back from the wedding I was shocked. It was fixed! I have since learned my lesson to NOT leave a wedding cake unattended with children running around. Haha life lessons… But doesn’t the navy ribbon and ice decor look so perfect for a December wedding?

I think this was also before I knew that cake stands were a thing…but hey, a white cutting board works just as well, right?


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