Oreo Cake

I grew up in a family that LOVED fruit. As did I. But for everyone else in my family that love of fruit extended to ice creams-strawberry, raspberry, marionberry, etc. For a while I thought I loved it too. However, I came to realize over the years (after always getting fruity flavors and being disappointed) that my true love in ice cream is chocolate. Chocolate and caramel, chocolate and nuts, chocolate and peanut butter. You get the point. Cookies ‘n cream always came first in my list of favorites. So….when I saw this cake on cakebycourtney‘s website I knew I had to make it.

Please ignore the ugly red cake carrier. I ran out of time before the party to 1-make the ganache and 2-get quality photos.

It’s an OREO cake. Yum, right?? Thankfully we had a combined February birthday party so I had a legitimate reason to spend money on all the butter, cream, cream cheese, and chocolate it calls for haha. And it turned out so tasty! The cake was super moist and the filling was almost as good as cookies ‘n cream ice cream.

Happy birthday Zayne, Papa John, Ashten, Tana, and Britany!!

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